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Debunking myths: Aging & Illness

My friends, neighbors, and family know that I am walking around with the stem cells of a Twenty-Something donor.  That is, since August 2007, I am the grateful steward of life-saving stem cells from an unrelated German donor who, without knowing me, simply walked into a German medical center to sign up as a donor in the international BMT (bone marrow transplant) program that eventually delivered his stem cells to help cure my mantle cell lymphoma, or at least sustain my life and health for the last seven years.

And while my blood type and blood DNA changed to match that of my donor, all other physical characteristics, including my age, now 66 (59 at the transplant), and the aging process did not reverse or slow down due to the transplant.  So, I offer this 'social current see' for boomers like me who are constantly searching for the Fountain of Youth.  A stem cell transplant may not be the answer, but check out what this source has to say:

Bingo, bango, bongo or justBINGDeb…