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Impact of reverse mortgages minimum for HOAs

#ALTACITIES Q&A : Impact of reverse mortgages on associations is minimal — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) February 13, 2016

Q&A▶ CLICK on this LINK to find answer to this question: I serve on the board of my condominium association and one of the issues we have been hearing a lot about recently are “reverse mortgages.” Are there any specific concerns a condominium association should have with owners taking out such mortgages and does the association’s rights regarding unpaid assessments differ when a unit is subject to a reverse mortgage? ANSWER


Guelph Mortgage Broker reveals Reverse Mortgages: What You Need To Know… — EZqualifying (@EZqualifying) February 13, 2016

I wonder how long it will before we see Jeb Bush on TV doing ads for reverse mortgages. — David Lubar (@davidlubar