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Saturday, April 16, 2016

​#SocialCurrentSee®▶* #GenX,Y (Late Night)

Note: Scroll the STORIFY slide show (above) for the latest #SocialCurrentSee on topic. ~ @Altaloman via #ALTACITIES
Most of the residents in our common interest development (aka HOA) in Trilogy Glen Ivy, a small berg just south of Corona in the Inland Empire of Southern California are not frequent viewers of late night television, as found in the clip that leads this post. Not that we don't appreciate the entertainment provided, it's just that the hour is beyond our typical bedtime.

What we are missing is really a shame, however.  These shows like the one hosted by Seth Meyers would tell us much about Gen-X and Gen-Y viewers who make up the majority of those who tune in.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#SocialCurrentSee®▶ #JuryScam*

Note: Scroll the STORIFY slide show (above) for the latest #SocialCurrentSee on topic. ~ @Altaloman via #ALTACITIES

Scammers are setting up call centers, establishing call-back protocols and using specific names and designated court hearing times. The bottom line, according to real court officials, is that nobody legitimate is going to call you and demand immediate payment for something like not showing up for jury duty. A bonafide officer of the court will never threaten an individual or demand the immediate payment – either over the telephone or money wire service – for fines or for not responding to a jury summons.

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