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Saturday, February 18, 2017

#BigPharma▶ #SocialCurrentSee®

The number of cancer survivors in the United States increased from 3 million in 1971 to 9.8 million in 2001 and 11.7 million in 2007—an increase from 1.5% to 4% of the U.S. population. Perhaps no group in the US population is more dependent upon Big Pharma and drug advances than the cancer survivor group and those who will soon be diagnosed with cancer. That reality brings us to the creation of the following archive.

WHO▶ is Big Pharma? The pharmaceutical lobby, also known as "Big Pharma" or the drug lobby, refers to the representatives of large pharmaceutical and biomedicine companies who seek to influence governments, the media and other institutions in favor of the pharmaceutical industry and its products.▶

WHAT▶ is the Big Pharma conspiracy theory?▶According to the Big Pharma conspiracy theory the medical establishment in general, and pharmaceutical companies in particular, operate for sinister purposes and against the public good.▶

WHEN▶ did Big Pharma become too big to prosecute?▶ No one knows for sure, but much of the problem with the excesses, abuses, and the general public awareness about the alleged conspiracy of Big Pharma is largely traced to Federal government actions that created the Medicare system (circa 1965).▶

WHERE▶ is Big Pharma entrenched today?▶ The answer is everywhere due to the pervasive nature of the health care system. At one time or another, every human being will be prescribed some type of drug and that means that everyone will come under the influence of Big Pharma. Even if you are free of taking prescriptions at this time, if you are a tax payer, you are responsible for a share of what the government expends to support Big Pharma.▶

WHY▶ is Big Pharma secretive about drug prices?▶According to this LATIMES source, even though the price tag for easy-to-use, lifesaving devices and drugs are ridiculous and indefensible, there’s no need to worry because backroom deals by assorted players in the healthcare food chain make that price tag meaningless.▶

HOW▶ does Big Pharma control the marketplace?▶“Our system of healthcare financing is the most cynical such system in the world,” said Uwe Reinhardt, a healthcare economist at Princeton University. “It starts with the opaque hospital bill and ends with the opaque system of product pricing and the disgrace of surprise medical bills. Americans can rightly be ashamed of these arrangements.”▶

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#Renewalist ▶ #SocialCurrentSee

WHO▶ Is Tanya Luhrmann and WHY is her story archived here on LeaveTheWord?

The biographical answer is found in this web search, but an amplified answer requires a view of the linked TEDx video. A Stanford University professor and psychological anthropologist best known for her studies of modern-day spiritualism, charismatic Christians, and psychiatrists. She is Watkins University Professor in the Anthropology Department at Stanford University. ~ post compiled and archived by CANSWERIST for SocialCurrentSee

LeaveTheWord aka ▶ Vision♥Worth ▶ News, clips, tweets and content about courage, life, faith, hope, purpose, and devotion ▶Today's tweets are tomorrow's posts ... “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” ▶ http://leavethewordhttp://canswerist.com

WHAT▶ Is notable about this archive is that Prof. Luhrmann is documented in the video and her book with an account of “joining” and researching an evangelical group (a church) to analyze their beliefs and practices?

(1) She makes no claims to actually converting to the Christian faith that she studied for research purposes; (2) She seems to attest to the real connections with God (not imagined) to which this faith community had witnessed in her presence; (3) Also archived here is a review of the Luhrmann book, When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God, a clinical but insightful view of the faith community to which the author was transplanted without transformation, (I think?) But, search for yourself in this bingo, bango, bongo or just BING.
Please understand that this blogger is not against religious or spiritual research, but it is important to understand the history and philosophy (bias) of the researcher.

WHEN▶ CANSWERIST approached this aggregation, we were simply exploring the current content of the well-known instructional site TEDx?

Like you, we knew nothing about Prof. Luhrmann and her work. But now, we find that reading her observations and writings gives one a distinct “outside/inside” view of evangelicals within a belief system in which she is largely a stranger and alien, as are probably most of her colleagues, students, visitors, and readers. While the Luhrmann research is enlightening to the academic and the secularist, it is clear that the source is only caught up in the anthropology of evangelicals, not the personal source of their faith.  She gives no evidence of how she understands the idea of God's grace and salvation for His children, even an understanding that we all owe our very lives to the providence of the one true God, His son, Jesus Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit!

 LeaveTheWord is about the common interests of @altaloman in the socialcurrentsee of faith, hope, religion, and spirituality.

WHERE▶ does “renewalist Christianity” come from, as in the research by Tanya Luhrmann?

“One of the major findings of a 2006 survey of Hispanics and religion was the strong influence of Pentecostalism and other spirit-filled forms of Christianity. These lively, highly personal faiths emphasize the spiritually renewing “gifts of the Holy Spirit,” such as speaking in tongues, divine healing and direct revelations from God. Together, these religious traditions are sometimes referred to as the renewalist branch of Christianity,” according to PewResearchCenter.

 LeaveTheWord ... Literally, the app is viewable and trackable on any computer device by typing the URL, LeaveTheWord.

WHY▶ Would a secularist professor go to such links to provide revelations about evangelicals? 

That question might not be answered after reading this archive and connecting to the supporting sources, so I will leave the evaluation up to readers.

▶Is LeaveTheWord on Flipboard? Because that aggregation site is the emerging leader in aggregation publishing, a platform that is proving most effective in bringing together the world of web content management and broadcasting.

HOW▶ Do evangelicals stand today in the religious community? For the answer see bingo, bango, bongo or just BING

Is LeaveTheWord a so-called common interest development? Typically, as we know, the CID initials stand for common interest developments, most commonly ascribed to homeowner associations, aka HOAs. But the "common interest" consideration means that many unrelated topics and issues are located within that domain. The LeaveTheWord subjects are archived with that reality in mind.


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